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Love, Naturally ~ Live, Authentically ~ Be In The Moments

Candid, Relaxed & Editorial Style Photography



I’m starting to sound like a sap, and I have been known to cry at a few weddings!
I want to capture what your wedding day felt like. I’m a candid documentary photographer at heart who takes all the moments of your day and freezes them in my images. I love details; the way your dress moves as you walk; the way your suit fits you so flawlessly; the hand of your love that slowly touches your face in the warm afternoon sun; the way you look at your love with those eyes full of lust and affection. I live for these moments of detail, but if you are looking for an entire gallery of posed, smiling group photos, then I am not the photographer for you.
My job is to leave you with solid memories that will be with you forever.
I crave those who plan their wedding day around what is most important to them. Those that aren’t afraid to throw out those old traditions and “But Mum wants this”. You do you and unequivocally you.
I’m Keira, and I’m a big believer in all love and that all love is equal. I want to tell your story with the heart and soul of who you together, as one.


I make no hesitations in saying that my number one job in this world is being a Mum to my two girls. Yah, there may be days that I pull my hair out wondering what the heck I got myself into, and then they will do something that melts my heart and makes it all worth it. My Husband is pretty amazing though….he works hard to help me with my dream job goals. Those goals? Being the best Brisbane Wedding and Family Photographer – Photographing you guys of course! 


So let’s grab a whiskey, order some amazing food and chat. 

Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Byron Bay Photographer

I’m a Wedding and Family Photographer based in Brisbane, in Queensland.

I love going on adventures with my kiddos, long day drives, chocolate, bush walks, chocolate, and pretty much anything that takes me outside and doing anything that warrants me to eat chocolate. (My littlest kid has the chocolate streak, she can smell it on me if I ate it an hour before!)

I’m married to the best person I’ve ever met, Tony.

Together we raise our kids to be healthy minded, strong and independent girls and we also both work in the creative field – he’s a muso!

So if you need a band for your special event, let me know 😉



Living Life is the Art, The Photographer is only a Witness

My Favourite People


My 3 year old cyclone. She'll hit as soon as I'm about the leave the house! Wardrobes emptied all over the room and toy boxes tipped out. She keeps us all on our toes!


My 7 year old, Miss Sensitive. Loves adventuring with me, setting up her toys for her own photo sessions and gives her sister so much love it drives Lola crazy.


My love, my rock. He'll back me on just about anything. Except for when the clothes don't get folded.

Where I Hope Love Takes Me

Yeah I have dream session goals. I'd LOVE to shoot more engagement sessions IN the water! And more weddings on the top of mountains! Is that too much to ask? I don't think so! So I'm putting it out there to the universe, to guide these couples to me! Help me kick some goals!

Some Dream O/S Locations:

+ Norway
+ Scotland
+ Joshua Tree
+ California
+ NY City

AUS Locations:

+ Tasmania
+ Uluru
+ Take me anywhere in Australia, there is never going to be enough time to explore this beautiful Country of ours!


Brisbane Wedding Photographer

Brisbane Wedding Photographer